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2013 Spirit of Survival Pictures

Candid Color Photography will be taking pictures at Spirit of Survival. You'll receive an email after the event with a link of all the photos you are in -- before, after and during your event! Just make sure you are wearing the race bib you receive during packet pickup.

Official Pictures»

Capsule Cam Spirit of Survival 2013We would also like to see the race from your perspective. We have created a Spirit of Survival electronic photo album using a smart phone app called "Capsule Cam". You can download it for free and add photos easily for everyone to enjoy.

  • To add pictures through your smart phone, download the "Capsule Cam" app & enter in the code "SOSRACE" to join the Spirit of Survival Training Capsule.
  • To add pictures through an internet browser, go to this link:

2012 Spirit of Survival Pictures

Click here to see Mike Mazzo's official SOS pictures

Additional race photos have been posted on Facebook and Flickr


2011 Superhero Gallery

Check out the official pictures from the 2011 Spirit of Survival. Big thanks to Mike Mazzo for taking these amazing pictures!

2010 Superhero Gallery