Race Questions

Q: How can I participate in Spirit of Survival this year?

A: Spirit of Survival will have both virtual and live events this year. The Spirit Walk and Kid’s Bubble Run are live events at the Museum of the Great Plains on September 19th. All other walk/run an and bike events may be completed virtually from August 1-September 19.

Q: Why is Spirit of Survival virtual and not live?

A: Besides the time involved in planning, all the expenses are paid for by the cancer center up front and then the money is recouped by the end through registrations and sponsors with any excess going to the actual cause. IF there is another surge in COVID cases or should mandates be reinstated infringing on an in-person event and we had to cancel/refund all the registration and sponsor fees, it would be financially crippling for CCSO. We also wanted to provide options so our survivors and high-risk individuals are safe and able to participate in a low-risk environment.

Q: Are training groups still happening?

A: Individuals may form their own training groups. Visit our training groups Facebook group to connect and find others to train with here.

Q: Is there an minimum age requirement for the races?

A: There is no age limit for the Quarter Marathon or 5K, as long as there is parental consent.  Each entrant under 18 years of age is required to have a release signed by their parent or guardian.

Q: Can I walk the Half Marathon?

A: You can walk in any event we have.

Q: Can I run with my child during the Kids Marathon?

A: You sure can! All parents can run/walk with their child(ren) anytime during the Superhero Kids Marathon. If you would like a t-shirt and giveaways, you must register as an Adult Participant. If you would like to forgo the participant t-shirt, you may walk/run with your child(ren) free of charge.

Q: Can I run/walk with my dog during any of the events?

A: For safety reasons, we can’t allow any animals on the course (with the exception of service animals).

Q: Will there be porta potties on the course and if so, what markers will they be located at?

A: There will be porta potties at the Start/Finish line of the Kids’ Bubble Fun Run and the Spirit Walk.

Q: How do I log my results?


  1. Login to your EnMotive account (be sure you’re logging in under the email address associated with the registration)
  2. Click the ‘My Account’ tab in the upper right corner
  3. Scroll to your race registration you are trying to log results for
  4. If your event is allowing “virtual” results you will see a button ‘Log Results’ where you can enter in your finish time for the event you participated in virtually
  5. Once you have logged your results you are finished!

Q: Can I edit my logged results?

A: You are not able to edit your results once you have logged them. Contact us to assist you with this request at racedirector@spiritofsurvival.com.

Q: How do I view my finishers certificate?


  1. Login to your EnMotive account
  2. Click the ‘My Account’ tab in the upper right corner
  3. Scroll to the race registration you are trying to view your finisher certificate for
  4. Log your results first in order to see your finisher certificate. Once your results are logged you can see the certificate

Registration Questions

Q: I am unable to attend the race, is my registration fee refundable?

A: Registration fees are non refundable, but they are transferable if done before the event date.

Q: Will there be On-Site Registration during Race Day?

A: Yes

Q: Where do I pick up my race packet and race shirt?

A: Packet pickup will be held every Friday from Noon to 4pm beginning August 13th at the Cancer Center drive up. Packets will also be available at the park on September 19th during the live events.

Q: My friend lives out of town, can I pick up their race packet for them?

A: Yes, but you must provide us a copy of your friend’s photo ID and have your friend complete the Packet Pickup Authorization Form in order for us to give you their packet. Without the completed form and a copy of participant’s ID card, Spirit of Survival Staff cannot legally release your race packet to another individual.  This applies to spouses and adult family members as well.

Download the Packet Pickup Authorization Form here.