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Last Minute Questions

We’re so excited for SOS 2019 to kick-off! We know our runners always have a few questions before race day, so we decided to dedicate our final blog of the season to answer many of the questions we frequently get from our participants.   Packet Pick Up You can pick up your packet, t-shirt and

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Running Nutrition

Proper nutrition before running is often taken for granted. However, just like training, getting a handle on the proper nutrition weeks before race day will go a long way! Nutrition is constantly discussed among runners, and knowing what is best can be confusing. Even advanced runners often question if they are fueling themselves correctly before,

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How to be a Better Runner

Once you become an avid runner, you find yourself in constant pursuit of being a better runner. If you’re hoping to run faster while exerting less energy, here are four simple steps you can take to run more efficiently.    Vary your course   We all get in the habit of running an all too