Important Changes to Spirit of Survival Training!

Spirit of Survival Runners will not meet for “official” training this year. However, we encourage you to form training groups to get ready for this year’s race. We will publish training resources and tips on our website and Facebook page to assist you as you plan for race day! We will also share the training calendar as usual to help with your personal training plan.

Our customary Kickoff will take place at the Cancer Centers (NOT at Dick’s like in previous years) on July 27th from 11am – 3pm, where you can register for race day and find out more information. There will be food and vendors as you are used to.

You will also have an opportunity to learn about Run Lawton at our Kickoff and meet new friends to encourage you as you train. Run Lawton is a wonderful, local group of runners that meet regularly in the community to encourage each other on their fitness journey.


We still want to help you with your SOS training! Training tips will be provided via our blog (CLICK HERE TO READ OUR BLOG). Please find the training schedule below, if you still want to follow a 12-week program. Also, please make sure to follow us on Facebook for information on other training groups that would LOVE to meet up with you and train together!